Enclosed Photobooth

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choose your backdrop!

Make sure the backdrop in your Photobooth matches the theme of your event. Enjoy your Photobooth with The Photobooth Bros.

prop it up!

Whats a Photobooth with no Props? Make sure you Prop Up from our 6ft table. Become a character, go wild, and of course have fun.

smile x3!

Share you happiness with all your friends and family with your photobooth photos. Don’t forget to smile for all 3 photos.

pick up & download photos

Don’t forget to pick-up your printed strip, show it to your friends. Don’t forget to download your photos and share them on Social Media!


Enclosed Photobooth


Welcome to The Photobooth Bros. Our Enclosed Photobooth is one of our Top Of The Line Photoboths. Our enclosed photobooth is perfect for outdoor and indoor events. If you are looking for privacy in photobooths, this is the way to go. Our black exterior creates an intimate scenario where your guests can feel comfortable enough to go wild in a photobooth. Our red doors give our enclosed photobooth a sense of glamour while keeping the privacy at the booth.

With this photobooth you have the option of choosing between one of multiple backdrops to fit the theme of your booth. Please also feel free to check out our beautiful 6ft table of props to add extra fun. Inside the photobooth you will see the spot for you to stand, in front of your backdrop, a wide selection of props for you to go wild, and of course our camera to capture those memories.

The Photobooth Bros is perfect of Weddings, Quinces, Sweet 16s, Corporate Parties, and more…

The Photobooth Bros. services Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Broward County, Florida Keys, And More…

customize your backdrop! (brand your booth)

Make the Photobooth YOURS! Customize your backdrop! and make sure that the memories of you event are easily recognizable. Simply let us know, we will design, proof, and print and entire backdrop to your liking. This is perfect for Weddings, Quinces, Sweet 16s, Bar / Bat Mitzvahs, and of course Corporate Events. Please contact us at your earliest convenience. we are looking forward to being a part of your event.

Personalized (Customized) Props

Everybody has inside jokes, customize our Props to fit your family and friends. The Photobooth Bros. will ask you for 15 quotes or funny jokes and we will put them in your props. Perfect for Weddings, Quinces, Sweet 16s, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, and of course Corporate Parties. The Photobooth Bros

The Photobooth Bros. Shop

Visit The Photobooth Bros. Shop. Scrapbooks, Frames, Folders and much more to make sure that you can keep your memories forever, or enhance your photobooth to the next level. Take advantage of all of our specials. 

Photobooth SHOP

boost your booth

Enhance your Photobooth Bros Experience. Check out our Shop to Boost Your Booth. Think FUN Think BOOTH


design your strips

Make sure every strip printed has a specific message for your to remember and for your guests to enjoy. f you have a hashtag, this is the perfect place to display it #thephotoboothbros

download your photos

After you are done taking your photos, input your E-mail Address and receive your photos via, E-mail. Download them into your phone or computer.

share your photos

Once you have received your photos from The Photobooth Bros. feel free to share them on all your Social Media Platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and more. don’t forget to tag #thephotoboothbros

The Photobooth Bros. (Enclosed Photobooth)



The Photobooth Bros. takes pride being South Florida’s #1 Photobooth Company, we are very much looking forward to being a part of your next event. Don’t forget to upgrade your Photobooth to one of our Themed Booths or our Branded Booths, and of course don’t forget to Booth Up Your Night.

Download Your Photobooth Photos

After your photos are taken, don’t forget to download them into your computer or phone. Then you will have the options to share in your Social Media Pages

Your Photos

Brand Your Photobooth

Customize your backdrop to fit your brand. Every single photo will represent the brand for your event. 

see more

Theme Up Your Photobooth

Every party needs a theme, and with that, every booth needs a theme as well. Make your Photobooth a part of your event event. 


The Photobooth Bros. Extra Services

The Photobooth Bros. is not just South Florida’s #1 Photobooth Company. We also have Professional Dj & Entertainment Services, Photography & Videography Services and Hora Loca Services. Servicing Mami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Broward County, Dade County, And More…

+ Event Photography

+ Event Videography

+ Event Dj & Entertainment

+ Hora Loca Services

Please contacts us at your earliest convenience if you have any questions, we would love to help you and be part of your next event.

Event Dj & Entertainment

Photobooth Bros. Dj and Entertainment Services are a big part of your event, our professional Djs guarantee that you party will be taken to the next level. All of our Djs have been training for years, from Weddings and Sweet 16s to Quinceanos and Corporate Parties. The Photobooth Bros Djs will take your party to the next level.

Photobooth Bros Photography & Videography

The Photobooth Bros. takes pride in offering our Professional Photographers and Videographers. With many years on experience and the most State-Of-The-Art Technology, we guarantee that we will tell the story of your event through our cameras.

Photobooth Bros Hora Loca

The Photobooth Bros is proud to launch our newest service. Our Hora Loca service consists of L.E.D. Robots and/or Samba Dancers. 


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